Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sticky Icky

So as you may have noticed. I haven't been posting everyday. WE HAVE NOW MADE OUR TWO WEEK MARK!! And I will not be posting every SINGLE DAY...but no worries, ALL the stories to come.

This weeks been good. Couple people getting sick though; raining everyday same time, like clockwork, Panamanian clockwork; school lunch is good (to me) others be hatin it, it's cheap, no complaints; our spanish course is coming to an end, last week, prueba viernes; Zelma gave me her email to send her fotos de mi ciudad, the skyline, the one here is crazy, but half the buildings are empty, unfinished, abandoned; we are making power point presentations on topic of our choice, mines is panamanian soccer; they have no professional women's league, men a part of FIFA; Arturo told me he has an amiga who plays, will introduce me; i've been waking up later for school this week, looks like this kinda:

The cigarettes here are cheap, $1 and change, I don't smoke, but if I did I'd quit by having to look @ this everytime I pick for a cig:

You can choose from a dead rat, dead person, dead...

They keep it real, I suppose.

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  1. that is wild!
    They do keep it real, dang.
    I'm mad yall super cute getting ready to go and stuff looking frazzled, and tired :)