Monday, September 28, 2009


the toilet flooded ayer
DO NOT blow your nose and boo boo at the same time
not a good look for the plumbing

Tomorrow we have an assignment for Afro-Pan class to make a song with ascending and descending harmony (or as Dom says an ASCENDING AND DESCENDING BOOTAY). Lowkey last week when we had to come up with rhythms only, D-Nast made a complete song called Supernova. It was reeeeal nice! lol. Forreal tho, ask him bout it. In the Afro-Pan class we are learning about Calypso right now. Leslie is our profe. He's the bomb. Every class he be bringin his keyboard and Kelsey sneaks a couple songs on it during breaks. Shes the bomb too. lol.

Mon. - 11am People and Nature course
Tues. - 2:30pm Estadistica & 5pm Afro-Pan course
Wed. - 11am People and Nature
Thurs. - 2:30pm Estadistica & 5pm Afro-Pan course

Those the classes offered by FW with the hired profes. We take em at the USMA campus.
We not all in every course though. Everyone is in the science course but Allen. And the statistics course is Sofia, Dom, Kim, Allen, Ben, Adam, Blaire, and Me. And the Afro-Pan course is everyone but Allen. This is by choice. The reason they got profes to teach is to have courses that are taught by the UW syllabus that will directly fill the basic requirements some of us need. This is real caterin but its good lookin for us who needed these basic requirements. Next sem. th going to be a similar thing offering QRa and another science course, i think. Aside from these courses there are the ones we take at our respective Unis (universidades).

K off to make this song tho.

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