Monday, September 28, 2009


we all kick it in the crib
doin hw,
or not
were movin soon
and we jus got settled in,
to these ac'd rooms
we got BP3 goin:
got folks on phone
and skype
meeting with new friends to study
bein stoodup by groups
is not something we want to bring back to the US
but everything else,
like the panaderia
and fruteria where adam buys me gummie candy cuz im cute,
and on muletas.
well bring the estacion of policia jus so we can say where our street is
and the Super 99 or El Rey or Zaras
maybe el Chino and a single slice of cheese
the On The Run and half the JJ's
a calle sin salida
Coco Red:
stickers to put outside our cribs over the adresses

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