Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Erika Venturi-Whaley had a birthday AUGUST 30th
and we never got to show her our love.
Erika is my grandbaby and I have had the pleasure to see her from the day she was but an egg to her first time meeting her father. I love her with toda mi corazon and I hope you know that sweet pumpkin cheescake gumball salad pookie!
Please join me in celebrating her life with this life celebratoring foto album I have been putting together since she was conceived.
This is her mama, my daughter (self Luara self) Luara Venturi and Erika's father.
This is the princess herself when she was but an egg.
Beautiful isn't she; stunning.
E on her first day of school.
She didn't have any arms yet, or legs for that matter.
When she was but a cartoon.
Black, Mexican and Brasilian.
Don't nobody got ish on my grandbabies.
Her first kiss.
She was muchs lighter back then.
Luara always insisted E enter Lil Miss Latina and when she did...
She always was a princess.
This is a drawing I did of her when she was in fifth grade.
Honor roll boo boo!!
Her first day of middleschool looking at her schedule.
AND when she did her first poem (About me, her abuela!!!) she wore this scarf I got her.
Her first job in highschool was a ladder-er.
This is my baby when her papa came back into her life.
As you can see she is a daddys girl.
And as you can see he missed her to death.
E gradeatin from highschool.
These her two hermanas from different mommas.
And this my baby when she got into this poertry programing at the Universerty.
I am so proud of her.

Write me sometime sweetie lemon kool-aid snickers.
Hope your bday was beautiful jus like you baby, jus like you!
- ur gma and her FW Panama crew