Monday, September 14, 2009

She got like 20 years (45 with that leap yr. tho)

So today was Dom's birthday! Yep. MMM HMMM. And it was good. Like vegetarian food. haHA! Get it! Naw me either. ANYWAYS, we had a good day. Dom said she done had better lol but I THINK she lookededed pretty happy today. People went to this scary movie called something about draggin and hell and I didn't go cause I had a physical therapy appointment BUT Sofia and I me up wit everyone else and we ate at CREPES & WAFFLES (Dom choice) which is where me & Sofia was going to get Dom a gift card but naw she ruined it. Anyways have a look.
Dom eatin some crepe with mushroom and spinach.
I think it looked good.
And then I made her eat some of mines.
This maracuya crepe with some BOMB ice cream that was better than the freakin crepe itself.
Coca-Cola OC!
p.s. thats my finger on the left! wat WAT!
AND THEN she went in for dessert!
Like she really WENT IN!!!
AIR-E-UHL view for yuh.
See that look on Dom face. Thats how she feel bout me everyday.
So Dom went to the bathroom and when she got back the checks was there for each of us and lol she was like thats a nice lil present (or something like this).
Oh, how nice it is to have friends as broke as you.
and on ur bday huh.
just for the bday girl

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