Sunday, September 13, 2009

PACKERS pack Bears for lunch

So right now I am looking at Dom and Adam screaming at the t.v. pantalla. Ceci giggling and Ben parading around with his chest out. The Packers just scored. Adam's yelling at my singing telling me to shut the hell up. Now Raighne is on skype with Ceci and he's talkin shit too! lol Ben said skype highfive.

Yea #31 okay we see you Harris. Adam don't though, he screaming obscenities at the screen. Ceci called Aaron Rodgers hott! Adam cut off the television. Dom said a cuss word and said she changing her facebook status. LOL.

Wow. @ least the commercials was in Spanish. lol.
Sofia just came out her room. Lil Patriot her.

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