Sunday, November 29, 2009

aiight so thanksgiving was pretty darn beautiful
we had a big ole family type reunion lookin giving of thanks
mad panamanian fam n profes n of course tio philly n his lovely fam
we had spanish english prayers n an intro to what thanksgiving means to us and where its roots are which was hype as told by danez and translated by jair lol
people was sayin this was one of they best thanksgivings
for me because it was one where i realized what i have at home,
that dnt realize wat u got til its gon thing
i appreciated wat i have waiting for me at home when i land in the chi
i think a lot of us did
BUT we all also saw what fam we have in eachother
which is what this program is all about
or at least wat its suppose to be about
so here go a peak of fotos and the link at the bottom can take you to more of our thanksgiving fun from prep for the day to the evening where danez thought he was cuban
we wish u coulda been
much love

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