Saturday, May 8, 2010


Last Saturday folks went bowling. It was Dom, Kelsey, Adam, Philly, Abdiel aka Pollo, Alci aka Lil' Chosen, Ahkil aka friend from FSU, they ran into Ray aka Longdayzjourney Soundz, and met a women named Lily through Philly friend Nemo. BASICALLY they met the whole world and it's sister-in-law. It was a night on the town/ saying peace to Adam type deal. Not everyone could go because they had mad work due the following days but, it was all good because the people who went out had MADS of LOADS of tons of fun. In addition to bowling they kicked it hard at plenty lil spots like New York Bagel Cafe. They ain't even come back til some 3 in the morning.

Well, that's the bottom line. Enjoy the second line in foto form.


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  1. BOOP!!!! We came back at 5:30am. AINT GET NO SLEEP!!!!