Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dinner @ Profe Coles Crib

So last week Friday we went to Profe Cole's house for dinner. It was real beautiful.

So a little background on our beloved profe: He's from Costa Rica; teaches science and environmental focused classes; he was our profe of geography this semester and of plants and man last semester; he is married to a beautiful woman named ALIDA; he has three daughters who live in the U.S.; he is University of Wisconsin - Madison alumni; he loves us; we love him; his bathroom is a nice place for a photo shoot; he has a lovely dog; lives in a beautiful home; works @ Florida State University in Panama; is going to come to a First Wave show one day; cares more about our learning than our grades; is an unforgettable professor and person.

Well, this wonderful man invited us to dinner at his crib. Which, let me be the first (probably not the first) to tell you that this is not normal for all estudiantes...but, it is normal for First Wave.We are the ish, what more can I say. Human beings tend to like the fact that we are real with them and especially each other. The way we interact amongst each other is a particular point of interest. Profes comment on how unique we are because we present ourselves as if we are family; we act as though we are comfortable with each other and though we have known each other for years. Now, the truth is that we are more like family than anything and this is the reason we are so comfortable around each other. We have known each other since the summer before our freshman year at Madison, and some of us have known each other since high school and earlier.

So, dinner at his house was full of smiles, laughs, good food, great bilingual conversation, dog cuddling, photo shoots, and even a UW-MADISON CAKE!!! I would love to cuenta you more but let em instead share with you these fotos.


MMMMMMmmmmmm...but somebody snitched a piece on the side.
The cake got the thumbs up.
Photo shoot?

aaaaaaaaand SCENE.
Cuddle session with the pup.
They was lovin the poooopppaaaaayyy.
See what I'm saying.
I tried to get in on the fun, but they wasn't havin it.
Tryna dig in.
Group foto falta profe. His wife and daughter on the left hand side up top.
Dom cut the cake into a million pieces. Profe said he would bring her from the U.S. in the future whenever he needs something so geometrically perfect!



  1. This made me smile. :-) We are a family. I love you and YES Dom cut that so perfectly.

  2. That is not Professor Coles' wife or daughter. Please fix the caption. Thanks.