Monday, May 24, 2010

Fiesta @ our crib

This past Friday we had some friends over at the crib. It was real tight because a DJ from Costa Rica who was here for the Back 2 Da Scene event ended up DJing along with Jarius and Rhythm X aka David the DJ from Panama. There was plenty ppl that came through. People ended up breaking...AS ALWAYS. Which we have no problem with really. I think it's beautiful how we have been able to offer that space for a cypher since we've been here. Our crib is big enough to fit our friends and so when we have em over it always turns into a cypher. Afterwards it always smells horrible. But, you know...well worth it. Some fotos here for you. AW N THANKS TO PHILLY FOR THE PIZZA!!!!

Cuper, Victor, and Violeta
Violeta and Hector
Sofia, Violeta, and I
Reggie, Dom, and Hector.

HECTOR. is a bboy. He's mad original/fly/ill/beautiful. This past weekend has been oddly full circle. See, this weekend we saw Hector more than we usually get to. He came to our crib to kick it Friday and then yesterday at the event Back 2 Da Scene we kicked it. AND then last night after the event we also kicked it. The reason it's "full circle" is because he was the one that opened the door for all of us to the Hip Hop community. We met him within our first month here. We were invited to sit in on a dance rehearsal at the National University. See, in the beginning we were taking a Spanish course at La Nacional and we even did a collab show with their dance department. Anyways, so we were invited by the dance director, this lovely woman, to come to a rehearsal students were doing. It was fly. Danez and Sofia even did a little African dance for them. Well, after the rehearsal while we were talking with all the students we met Hector. He was one of the folks rehearsing. Somehow, naturally of course, we got to talking about breaking and how Sofia, Kelsey, and Dom break. Then he shared that he was also a breaker! He told us where the breakers practice. He and Kelsey exchanged numbers.

From here, one random day Kelsey got a call from Tito. Dom, Kelsey, and I were in Casco Viejo when she got the call. She couldn't understand what he was saying so there was then a girl who spoke a little english put on the phone. Through the stumbling and confusion the words Breakdance, Practice, and Calle 50 were understood. After contemplating whether we should make the trek (Casco Viejo isn't close to Calle 50) we got hype and decided to go on an AVENTURA as Dom loves to say! We caught a cab and told him Calle 50. We had never been there so we had no idea where we were going. We were told that "practice" was by a McDonalds. We got out at the McDonalds on Calle 50 and went searching. Eventually we found BEAT dance studio. "This must be it," we thought. We had to get buzzed in. We pressed the button, waited, entered, but, when we got to the top of the stairs we paused. Kelsey was dang near hyperventilating. Dom was cheesin the largest smile that has ever been cheesed. And I, was loving watching them...understanding that this moment would only happen once. I snapped a photo of the anticipation and pure excitement and then we followed a hallway. The person who buzzed us in probably thought we got lost or something, but eventually, we walked through a threshold and saw the dance studio.

There were folks breaking. He got introduced to maaaad people. We were shy yes. But, at the end of practice we were doing what we do with what we had. What I mean is, we ended up having a conversation with Tito, Alci, and the owner of the studio about plenty little things. You know, things you be wondering when you first meet someone from another country. After we finally made it out the building we fell in love outside talking even more. Alci stood there with Dom, Kelsey, and I for a minute and by minute I mean hour or more. We continued conversation until eventually Alci helped us catch a cab. I wrote a post from that day actually. Check it out.

From there it's history. Dom, Sofia, Kelsey continued practicing and we all continued meeting folks. Now they fam which makes this whole going home thing mad difficult.
See. Hector was the one that let us in.
You're brilliant.

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