Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Facebook Status

Jarius King Made it to Chicago after 14 hours of travel. Kickn it w/ ASK & friends. Tonite is gonna be great. Panama was just the start for me. 2 years from now... Jarius = English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Portuguese speaker. Watch me! Just Begun like Jimmy Castor!

Cecilia E. León First day of summer school!!!!!!!!!!!

Cecilia is now in madison and starting her summer classes. Weird. She's already integrated back into life over there? Maybe. Anyways, we over here tryna start packing. It's hard. I started going through my things last night...like papers, notebooks, etc. And after reading mad things I wrote I started realizing I been steady writing. I thought this whole semester I been slacking. But, in all reality I've written pages. Anyways, I hope I do something with it all. I tore things from notebooks that I want to keep and the rest is for the basura.

Jarius really probably will learn all the languages in the world. Shoot. MAD props.


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