Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This past Sunday was BACK 2 DA SCENE! It was celebrating the anniversary of FULL STYLE CREW. Full Style is probably the largest crew here in Panama. They got all the elements represented as well, except a DJ, which I think is mad tight. This event is an annual thing that just celebrated its second year. The idea for it is to provide a place for all the elements of Hip Hop to come together as a community. It's a place where everyone can be reminded of what elements contribute to our Hip Hop culture. Eddie aka Bboy Funky and his brother Luis Ricardo aka Bboy Master D were the main organizers but, the event would def not have been made possible without the help and support of hundreds, especially the hosting crew. Full Style Crew was Staff for the event and even made the FLYEST trophy for the winners of the 4 vs. 4 battle. There were plenty prizes. Not only would you get a framed certificate sort of thing but there was gift certificates for Supra and Ecko. I mean, we don't really rock Ecko much anymore in the states but they def be gettin it here!

In addition, there was mad ill fly dope things going on: MC battles, a Hip Hop dance crew performed, a Graf mural was being made live, 5 DJs was gettin it, there was a power move contest, 7-to-smoke, toprock, footwork, 4 vs. 4, Latin Fresh performed, so did La Orquesta de Freestyle, plus the fact that the whole thing was just plain BEAUTiFUL.

We got to kick it wit everyone, and afterwards we kicked it some more by cleaning up at the event and then going to Kazy's crib to chill. It was over all, a blessed night. One of those you reminisce on. Tear. Well, hey, check out some fotos. Thanks to Tania, Kevin Morales, and Rodrigo for the fotos. They fly.

FW and Milena
The TROFAYS from a far
The Campbell brothers Luis and Eddie and Queen Tania
MC battle
Latin Fresh and Tania plus 2 randoms
Hip Hop dance crew 507 Flow
FW and Luis from Bless crew
FW and Bgirl Naty
Dance floor
Lovin it
Bboy Rolando
FW n Tania
The judges
Bboy Funky
DJ from Costa Rica
The Chair
Se murio.
Bboys a watching
Bgirls Violeta and Naty
Bgirl Naty be looking like she love dancing so much
Bgirl Naty
Tito and his chichi
Bboy Chamako be getting it
HAHA this one was hilarious...he was in the toprock battle and pulled his pants off...but then he ended up falling! He still ill and killed it though.
Bboy Pollo or Big Papa Rooster
Peep the shirt
Bboy System, Bboy Coco, and Bboy Peko...this kid be killing all the games like it ain't NO game!
MC finna pop a vain (that isn't his name)
Breaking it down funky
Bboy Demon
Bboy Coco...what'd I tell ya?!
West crew from Chorrera...they was the most into life! They was cheering on everyone and had the best spirit for competing...def reminded me of First Wave...
Full Style's NEW logo and check it...they not a CREW anymore, they a FAMILY



  1. wow wow wow!!!...I got goose bumps out of this article!...pictures speak for themselves!...it was a great event for bboys and hip hop lovers!!...
    amazing how I felt the same energy I experienced that day enjoying the event along with the talent and flow every single participant gave!!...
    Thanks for having me in lots of pictures!!!...loved the Queen Tania tag!!

    Thanks for giving us the gift of getting to know and share time with your girls!...it's amazing the way you have touched our lives here!...thanks for all the laughs, your talent and huge love!...
    I'll never forget you and for sure will miss you..not for very long though because you will either come back and live here or I'm gonna go with u!...in the meantime all the time shared will always remain and say with me as a beautiful and pure gift of friendship...
    love u all!!!

  2. gracias a ustedes tambienpor estar en cada uno de los eventos y apoyarnos, no se que sera sin ustedes gracias por existir gracias por estar aqui, le vamos a extranar mucho

    ChOoSeN OnE
    Lil nation crew \ full style family