Friday, May 21, 2010


FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DIDNT KNOW this week our fam from home just got in Monday night. He a bboy he a DJ he a artist an MC and everything that is fly basically. While the pic below of him is a lil too serious, he is def not too serious. In fact, we just got through kicking it downstairs wit plenty folks crackin jokes about things that are inappropriate to state here. Well, enough of this chitter chattish (that's chatter and rubbish). I want to bring you all of his facebook statuses (plus a few made about him) from the day he arrived until right now after his fourth night in Panama. Enjoy.

Jarius King At the immigration line at the Panama City Airport and there are waaaay too many people. Lines winding around and people clapping in large groups... wth is going on?! Line so long I can use FB... why are people steady clapping and cheering?! lol

May 17 at 6:54pm

Jarius King Humidity in Chicago & Madison feels like air conditioning compared to Panama City. Even Hong Kong wasn't this humid. It's almost 12am and it's hot as hell. Can't wait to go exploring the city tomorrow w/ the 1st wavers :)

May 17 at 10:51pm

Sofía Snow Jarius King IS IN THE ROOM ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MY WALL!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! this week will be fun. :)

May 17 at 11:05pm

Jarius King "Touch what I never touched before... See what I never seen before... Woke up and seen the sun SKY HIGH, SKY HIGH!" So blessed to be in Panama & travel in general.
Tuesday at 9:30am

Alida Cardos Whaley Jarius King lives in our Panamanian Mansion. PARTAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY! Naw forreal, Friday night our crib. C'mon now.

Tuesday at 8:15pm

Jarius King off to an afternoon session in 90 degree weather.... EXTRA humid... but oh well. Better than the weather in Wisconsin. :)

Wednesday at 1:23pm

Jarius King had a siesta (nap) w/ Pollo & Tito @ Parke Omar b/c we got stuckin a rainstorm. Took 4 hours b/t waiting for the storm & trying to catch a cab/bus home. Time to session @ the crib w/ Kelsey Pyro V.E., Dominique Chestand, Sofía Snow.

Wednesday at 9:12pm

Jarius King HOY EN BEAT STUDIO, 5:30 Breaking taller con ManOfGod de Chicago (Rhythm Attack y Motion Disorderz). GRATIS!!! por favor avisa losdemas!!Dominique Chestand, Sofía Snow, Kelsey Pyro V.E., Edward Campbell, Kevin Morales

Yesterday at 12:08pm

Jarius King Attencion Bboys/Bgirls en Ciudad de Panama! No taller en BEAT STUDIO. 7:00 Breaking taller con ManOfGod en Parque Via Argentina! Es GRATIS!!Edward Campbell, Dominique Chestand, Kelsey Pyro V.E., Kevin Morales, Luis Ricardo Campbell Montilla, Abdiel Sierra

11 hours ago

Jarius King Workshop en "La casa de First Wave" was dope. Got interviewed byBboying Panama ( & sessioned after. Surprisingly impressed byKelsey Pyro V.E., Dominique Chestand, Sofía Snow! Shouts to them & Alida Cardos Whaley. My chicas been holding me down all week. Muchas gracias mujeres.

about an hour ago


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