Monday, May 17, 2010

San Blas

Once upon a time there were 6 little First Wavers who went to a magical island called needle island for a night and two days. It was a long road across unpaved dirt hills through the rainforest. The place they were heading was called San Blas, a part of Panama where the indigenous Kuna people live. The land itself maintains its own government. They do not have to obey Panamanian law because they are their own entity. Their land, for this reason, is also separate. It is their land. Kuna Yala or San Blas is a beautiful chain of islands in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Panama. It is paraiso. Seriously. Like, clear blues of waters, rainbow fishes, live starfish, white sand beaches, indigenous people living how they have lived for hundred of years maintaining against modern society, stars in the night sky, bright white moon staring down at you, sound of the ocean getting closer to your feet on the beach. It was something we might not have the chance to experience again in our lives. It was a blessing. This was a while back when Alida's ma n sister came to visit and Dom's ma, dad, n brother too. Something crazy beautiful that we hope you can take part in one day.
Please enjoy some of the fun.

We got to go to the islands where the Kunas actually live. There are 365 islands that make u San Blas or Kuna Yala. But, only a handful are inhabited by them. I think 40 something. Well, we got the opportunity to go to their museum which is bien small but nonetheless packed with their culture. To take pictures inside their museum costs $20. This was Philly catching one from out the window before he knew and before we yelled at him! haha Well, we got a presentation about their culture, the Kuna Revolution, flag, molas (their famous layered fabric woven masterpieces that can be found all over the city for sale), traditional dress, house ornaments, instruments, chicha (alcoholic beverage made from fermented fruit), and tons more. We were all loving it. I wish learning was always this fun. Shoot. Anyways, we got to be blessed with this knowledge and then we went back to the island we were staying on.
So, the there are chiefs within the Kuna culture. There are different levels and most hierarchy is based on age because the wisest are the oldest and therefore, the most respected. Well, one of the chiefs grandsons is this guy you see below. His name is Plas, I don't know how to spell it though. He was interesting. See, there are a lot of different dynamics that you gotta examine before you can even begin to understand his role of power in the whole culture. He runs the business of tourism on the island we we're staying on. Needle Island. He is like the boss. But, a lot of people hate on him because he is the boss, and because he holds a lot of the knowledge of the culture because he is the blood of chiefs. Anyways, he was sitting up with us late at night talking on some in the moment, exist, believe in the power of believing type ish....and it was mad tight...but, I don't know...there was something weird in the, I honestly can't explain it. But on some real, he was getting it. He was contando us about how they cure things with natural remedies but also with the power of your mind. I believe it. I mean, why not. Can we not will ourselves away. Well, let's continue...
And basically, Dom is really good at looking ferocious.
First Wave all day.


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