Monday, May 17, 2010

Se fue

So, Cecilia Leon left us and the Republic of Panama Saturday. She called us when she got home and let us know she made it safe. It's weird...we're slowly disappearing. Some of us have been getting sad because we are realizing that we will soon be miles from this home. We wish we could stay longer, but, well, as we have said, "we have to return to our other world." Crazy that we feel like that. Is this another world? How many worlds exist then? Is every place that isn't home another world? Or just every other country?

I don't know. Will we ever.

All I know is that I be getting tears sometimes. Or rather, my eyes be tryna sweat. I don't cry.

Well, enjoy some fotos here fo ya:

CECILIA always made cookies. They were sooooo delicious and we miss them dearly!
Beautiful foto by Cecilia.

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